package ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish; use strict; our $VERSION = 6.48; my $IsVMS = $^O eq 'VMS'; require vmsish if $IsVMS; sub import { return unless $IsVMS; shift; unshift @_, 'vmsish'; goto &vmsish::import; } 1; =head1 NAME ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish - Platform-agnostic =head1 SYNOPSIS use just like =head1 DESCRIPTION Until 5.8.0, is only installed on VMS. This means any code which has 'use vmsish' in it won't even compile outside VMS. This makes ExtUtils::MM_VMS very hard to test. ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish is just a very thin wrapper around vmsish which works just like it on VMS and everywhere else it does nothing. =cut